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Friday, November 27, 2015

Trail Blazing Cities

2050 Vision: 8 Trailblazing Cities Prove the Future is Now


It’s no coincidence that Zipcars live in leading-edge cities. And as we work towards advances in technology, transportation, sustainability, and city living, so do the following locales. With 70% of the world’s population forecasted to be city dwellers by the year 2050, these leaders and innovators are increasingly critical players in the evolution of urban life. Here’s a peek at what makes them so uniquely revolutionary — and how you can benefit when you stop by.

Go to the link above.

Rick's Refugee Rant

What's Happening....

Friday November 27th

Santa Claus Parade
Downtown Cranbrook

Friday November 27th - Sunday November 29th

Friday5:00pm -9:00pm, Sat 10:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday pm
Winter Farmer's Market
Baker St.
Old Supervalu Building
see poster to right.

December 1st

Key City Theatre
Dan Mangan
Tickets $32 and $26 for members

Wednesday December 2nd
Elementary School Massed Choir
Cranbrook Alliance Church

Friday December 4th and Sunday December 6th 

Sun Valley Song
Knox Presbyterian Church
7:30pm Friday 2:30pm Sunday
lotus Books
$10 adults $5 Youth, 12 and under.

December 1st- December 24th

Cranbrook and District Arts Council
'Art Group 75 Exhibit'
The Gallery
1013, Baker St.

Key City Theatre Gallery
November 18th - December 15th
Affordable Art
All pieces under $300

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Supporting Refugees

For more information:

The Cranbrook Hub for Refugees

Nov. 26, 2015
Cranbrook church group to sponsor Syrian refugee family

A Syrian refugee family could be coming to Cranbrook thanks to the efforts of a newly-formed group called the Cranbrook Hub for Refugees (CHR), a constituent group of Christ Church Anglican, the oldest church in Cranbrook.

The eight-member group, which formed in late October, has completed an Expression of Interest application, the first step in the process for sponsoring a refugee family from Syria or elsewhere in the war-torn Middle East. The federal Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship hopes to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of the year and 15,000 more by the end of February 2016.

Government regulations require refugee sponsoring groups to raise $15,000 before they will be considered for sponsorship. The Anglican Diocese of Kootenay has sponsored refugees before and is now planning a major fund-raising campaign that will kick off soon.

CHR chairman Gerry Warner says the campaign will go into high gear after Christmas although it’s accepting donations now. “With Christmas fast approaching, people’s financial resources are ready being stretched so we won’t do a major fund-raiser until January. But if someone wants to make a donation to us, or as a gift to someone else, we’ll certainly accept it and issue a tax receipt.”

The first refugees are expected to arrive in Canada within days, but are going mainly to military barracks in large cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton for relocation. As a result, Warner cautions this is only the beginning of what could be a long process.
“At this point we have no idea when we could expect to have a family in Cranbrook. 
But the important thing now is we’re doing everything we can to ensure that an immigrant family will feel welcome, safe and secure when they do arrive.”

Warner said CHR has been holding planning meetings weekly to prepare for the refugees’ arrival and has reached out to other Cranbrook churches interested in sponsoring refugees.
“The more churches and non-church groups that participate in this the better,” he says. “This is a humanitarian crisis of world-wide proportions and we need everyone’s help to prevent an even bigger catastrophe.”
Warner says members of the Christ Church congregation were jolted into action by the picture of three-year-old toddler Aylan Kurdi, whose lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach Sept. 2 after the refugee boat he was in with his family capsized while crossing the Mediterranean.
“Like many around the world, we were horrified by that picture.”
Meanwhile Warner says there’s little CHR can do now until its application is approved by Ottawa. But once it’s approved, CHR will be looking for volunteers to help provide housing, furniture, clothing and emotional support for the refugee family. Schooling and ESL lessons will also have to be arranged.

The  group’s next meeting is Jan. 6 at which time it hopes to have its application approved by Ottawa and intensive preparations can begin for the arrival of the refugee family.

“We also plan on having a public meeting in January for anyone interested in helping us in this sorely-needed effort to help these brave families driven from their homes and facing dangers unimaginable to us,” Warner says.

Anyone seeking more information on CHR can contact Gerry Warner at (250) 489-3271 or Bonnie Spence-Vinge at (250) 426-4274.

Clouds Over Sidra

For a real view of what a refugee camp looks like, Za’atari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan,  this video will provide insight.  
An Innovative Advocacy tool promoting Citizen Perspectives in 2015
Clouds Over Sidra is viewable in three ways different ways:
Clouds over Sidra is a collaboration between the UN Millennium Campaign (UNMC),UNICEF Jordan, Samsung,, co-created by Chris Milk and Gabo Arora. It follows the life of a young girl living in the Za’atari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.
Clouds Over Sidra was initially created to support the United Nations Secretary-General’s MDG Advocacy Group’s call for partnerships to build resilience in vulnerable communities. The UNMC is in the process of rolling out a strategy to ensure that the films are well placed in forums so as to influence both decision makers and the general public. Thus far it has been screened at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sundance, SXSW, TED, the Third International Humanitarian Appeal for Syria in Kuwait, the World Education Forum and the World Education Summit.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Letter from MP, Wayne Stetski

November 24, 2015

                    One Month Later…

Thank you to the 63,203 people who voted in the October 19, 2015 election. Almost 74% of eligible voters in Kootenay Columbia took that walk to the polls, which was amongst the highest in Canada! This election was an excellent example of how every vote counts, and it is an honor to serve you as your Member of Parliament. So what’s been happening in the first month?

Starting out as a Member of Parliament is incredibly busy. One of the challenges is setting up offices – my plan is to have staff in Ottawa, Nelson and Cranbrook for January 4, 2016. This involves leasing new space and furnishing the offices with the recycled inventory used by the former MP as the furniture, computers, etc. are all owned by the House of Commons. I plan on having one staff person in Ottawa and four in the riding so that you get good service here at home!

We are assigned office locations in Ottawa based on “standing,” so for this 42nd Session of Parliament Liberal MPs picked their offices first, Conservative MPs second, and we are in process of picking our offices now. The next update will include my Ottawa office information – even if we’re picking third it is an honor to have an office on Parliament Hill!

I also have to hire the staff. The NDP has unionized Constituency and Parliamentary Assistants and since we went from 103 seats to 44 in the election, there are several hundred qualified people in Ottawa who, under the contract, get the first opportunity to bid on the jobs both in Ottawa and across the country. That process is underway.

The MP has to serve their constituents whether permanent staff is in place or not. In the last month I have attended meetings and events in Fernie, Cranbrook, Creston, Invermere, Nelson, Kaslo and Johnson’s Landing. There have been phone calls (250.919.9104) and emails ( and letters (PO Box 872, Cranbrook V1C 4J6 until January 1 and then send mail to Unit B – 111 7th Ave S, Cranbrook V1C 2J3) to answer.

There have been about 100 letters so far including those waiting for me in Ottawa. Experienced MPs have told me that once everything is up and running an MP can expect to get between 300 and 500 emails per day. If you have sent me some correspondence and haven’t heard back yet please be patient – you will get a response! Phone me if it is urgent.

In the last month I was also in Ottawa for 5 days participating in an intensive orientation focused on finance and admin and the non-parliamentary aspects of being an MP. We are given a budget that includes staff salaries, office leases, providing information to constituents, in-riding travel, etc. If we go over it we pay for it out of our own pockets!

On average we spend over six months of the year in Ottawa participating in Parliament and other national responsibilities (for example I am the NDP critic for National Parks) so I also have to find accommodation in Ottawa. The balance of the year is spent traveling around the riding meeting with constituents.

Our job as the Progressive Opposition is to make government and Canada better, and that is exactly what we will do!

Parliament begins on December 3 and continues until December 11 before breaking for Christmas. My next update will include a look at what it’s like to sit in the House of Commons as your MP. I’m sure it will be an exciting and humbling experience!

Have a happy Holiday Season and a great New Year! I hope to see many of you during the break when I start my 'Coffee With Your MP' sessions around the riding!

Wayne Stetski
Member of Parliament
Kootenay Columbia

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nature's Labyrinth, Baby Toes, Night Sky and More

Like flowers in the spring, nature's artistry is often ephemeral.  With the arrival of snow, these beautiful ice pictures are now gone.  They were beautiful while they lasted.

photos, thanks to the observant eyes of Stewart Wilson